Various Projects x RO/LU for Patrick Parrish Gallery, Design Miami,
Surfaces on Which Your Setting and Sitting Will Be Uncertain

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For Design Miami, Patrick Parrish Gallery invited Various Projects to create an installation in collaboration with the design studio RO/LU.


In the furniture object series Surfaces On Which You Are Setting And Sitting Will Be Uncertain, RO/LU used “art history as a material” by starting with very literal information from existing works and reinventing through intuitive connections to others. A collage of the past and the present—Superstudio’s Quaderna line, environmental installations by Ettore Sottsass, Scott Burton and James Lee Byars’ utilization of man as a symbol object—along with intangible new ideas that emerge through action, then evolved.


For the booth design, Various Projects commissioned a tufted-pile wool carpet and a wallpaper to apply the walls in black and white grid, both designed to mimic the welded-steel cage of RO/LU’s new series of furniture objects of Uncertain Surfaces.


In addition to this, models, friends, and gallery attendants were dressed in the Various Projects RO/LU collection, which was produced together with Print All Over Me and printed to match exactly with the booth environment acting as a playful “meta-mirror” and encouraging a sort of performative approach to our everyday interactions with the living world around us.